Cinnamonrolls – Kanelbullar


Kanelstänger är bra att ha!

125 g butter
5 dl milk
50 g yeast
1 dl sugar
2 pinches salt
2 teaspoon pounded cardamom
14-15 dl flour

grounded cinnamon

On top:
1 egg

baking form – paper

Do like this:
1. Use a mortar to ground the cardamom.
2. Melt the butter
3. Crumble the yeast in a bowl.
4. Fill upp the milk on the butter and heat to 37 C.
5. Put some of the butter and milk in the bowl and stir. The yeast should dissolve.
6. Add the rest of the milk. Stir
7. Put in the sugar
8. Put in the salt
9. Put in 10 dL of the flout. Stir.
10. Put the rest of the flour until the dough is just a bit to sticky (you should stop before you think it is enough) 4-5 dl more will do.
11. Work the dough 10 minutes
12. Put on a towel on top and let rest for 30 min to one hour.
13. Should be no draugth
14. Clean up and put 20 baking forms each on two baking tins.
15. Work the dough on a table with some more flour. Do not add to much. Use your palms, not your fingers. 1 minute will be enough.
16. Cut the dough in two pieces.
17. Roll out the dough to two rectangles about 40 x 50 cm.
18. Spread butter on the dough and add sugar and cinnamon.
19. Roll the rectangle.
20. Divide each roll in 20 parts.
21. Put one ”snail” in each paper form and put a towel. let rise for 30 minutes.
22. Put on your oven a bit above 225 C .
23. After 30 minutes. Beat a egg with a fork in a glass.
24. Paint the rolls with the egg and spread some ”pearl-sugar” on top.
25. Put one of the tin in the middle of the oven and take the temperature down to 225.
26. Bake in 8 minutes.
28. Let them get cold on a rack.
39 Enjoy – preferable with some cold milk!


Cardamom and sugar
Vanilla & Sugar

Other than pearl-sugar
Thin Almonds

Regular Sugar