Abstract – algafuel

There is a need for clean energy to overcome current problems with fossil fuels and meet future increasing demand. This is also true for the transport sector where algae based fuel is an option. Algae fuel is the extracted photosynthetic products from algae. The algal starch can be fermented into bio-alcohol, the lipids transesterfied or chemical cracked to biodiesel or the complete biomass degraded to biogas. In addition, it might be possible to genetically modify algae to directly produce hydrogen gas. Technology advances begun in the 70’s, but are just breaking through to be commercial viable. However, there is still a need to solve problems in growing, harvesting and extraction processes and show reliable results based on industry scale research. Biofuel is an exciting field, but there still seems to be a long way from theory to practice.

Written by Per Hedegård June 14:th 2011 5:40