Policy of integrety

Policy of integrity for http://www.hedegard.nu (this website)

This policy of integrity apply for this website and not for other websites. When you leave this website you have to read the policy of integrity for the website you visit. If you do not accept the policy of integrity, please leave the website.

By visiting and using this website, you accept the terms within this policy of integrity.

General data collecting

We concern for the integrity of our guests. You need to pay attention to the fact that we may gather statistics and general information about visitors, web traffic and information. The collected statistics and gathered general information does not allow us to identify individual visitors.

Personal information

To be able to answer your questions and fulfil your wants and needs, it may be necessary to ask for personal information, i.e. name, e-mail, phone number. We are allowed to use this information to answer your questions or contact you by mail, e-mail and/or phone and to call and inform you if it is necessary. We will not, as long as there are no regulations stating this, deliver the information to third party without your permission except if it is necessary to process your request.

In excess of the personal information that you is this website equipped with some technology for gather technical information, i.e. IP-address, operating system, web browser, traffic and addresses to all linked websites.


Please notice that a potential risk always is included when giving away personal information, regardless if it is done mouth-to-mouth, over the phone or on the Internet and that no technical system is totally protected against intrusion or ”hackers”. We have taken every possible step to prevent and minimise the risks for intrusion, unauthorized access and abusage of your personal information.

The right in collected data

We are able to at our or your initiative, complement, correct or delete contingent, wrong or old personal information that we gather by the running of this website.

Identification of visitors

From time to time, we may place information on your computer to be able to identify you. This information is normally called ”cookie”. With these ”cookies” we are able to se how and when visitors use the website. This information helps us build a better website. We only use ”cookie” to show information on your hard-drive that were put there by a cookie from this website. The use of cookies is common and many websites use ”cookies”. ”Cookies” are stored on your computer and not on this website. If you do not want to receive ”cookies”, or receive a message when they are placed, you can adjust your setting to not admit ”cookies”, if your browser allows this.


Minors, meanind pepole under the age of 18, are not allowed to send information to us without permission from parents or care-givers.

Change of the website

We have the right to change this policy of integrity or change/modify or close this website or the information on the site whenever needed and without any preceding messages.

Please, don’t forget to enjoy our website.

Best regards,

Lars Hedegård & Per Hedegård